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"v - Piano" means precision and high quality at low prices.




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The main activities of music store "V - Piano" Ltd. are: piano trade, rental, restoration, tuning and transport of pianos and grand pianos. The interests of the firm are directed to the Bulgarian as well as to the international market.

"V - Piano" means high quality of the restoration and precision of the production on low prizes.

The production of the firm represents the combination of music, arts, professionalism, and love to every detail - reflection of the beauty and glaze, that music gives to life.

The high qualified specialists of "V - Piano" are a guarantee for a perfect restoration and a reliable tuning.

We bring each instrument fast and safe with our own transport to every destination in Europe.

Our production has already received very high praise from specialists and clients from Europe.

Пиано магазин В-ПИАНО - Продажба на пиана и рояли
Пиана и рояли на изгодни цени - В-пиано
Магазин В-ПИАНО продава пиана и рояли,предлага транспорт,акордиране,реставрация,поправка
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